Last year, April 2013 I decided to go on a very spur of the moment trip to Iceland. My draw to wild landscapes and atmospheric lands has forever been the motivator in my Art and so I knew that by travelling out to Iceland would fuel my work for years to come and I had been thinking about it for a long time.

It is also a place that I think of when I imagine a powerful source of nature within landscapes.

I flew out to Reykjavik and hired a car. I spent the two weeks I was there travelling around the Island and capturing as much as possible; drawing, taking photographs and just staring in awe at the sights in front of me. Among my favourite places I would highly recommend visiting are,  Gullfoss Waterfall, The Geysir Hot Springs in the Golden Circle, The Blue Lagoon and of course the Skaftafell National Park which is outstanding.

You can explore Iceland thoroughly, the most exciting thing I found about the overwhelming place was that you can drive for thirty minutes and find you are in a complete different landscape, it almost feels as though you are on a completely different planet. One hour you can be surrounded by vast low desert land, the next you are in a blizzard of powerful mountains, until you are in a green mountainous area with no snow in sight. It is amazing, it is by far the most startling and unique place I have ever been too and would recommend anyone to go.

Just remember that from December to February there is barely any light during the day, the sun does not rise in the sky, however if you go in the Summer months it is day time all the time. I also found that when I went in April, it was harder for me to see the Northern Lights, (hence why I’m planning my return trip very soon) but if you venture out there in the Winter months, viewing the Northern lights is almost guaranteed!

A photo blog of my time spent here to follow!



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