Isle of Mull & Isle of Iona

For my ongoing projects and general love of travel I’ve been staying on different Islands around Scotland to gain inspiration for my project, take photos and get the feeling of the calmness and mystery of these places for which I want to put across in my own work of depicting the Landscapes.

In the summer of 2013, I decided I wanted to try and visit as many of the Scottish Islands as possible. Having already spent a great deal of the previous year Island hopping around the Outer Hebrides and most of the entire Coast of Scotland, I wanted to go for a place that had stood out to me for a long time. The Isle of Mull and with that, Iona.

I set off from Oban and arrivied into Craignure. Approaching Mull, you see the castle and the dark shadowy mountains along the coast. The feeling approaching an Island always interests me, a real sense of mystery and what you will find within.

We drove up the east coast from Craignure looking out towards the mainland and Sound of Mull.

The first stop was Garmony, a long walk in the secluded, undisturbed grasslands that lead out to Fishnish Bay. The rocks, marsh land and textures in the coast are beautiful. Salen was second, with the rugged coastline and abandoned ships lying on the beach were of great interest. Along with the Aros Ruins and the Salen Forest. Last stop for the day was Toberymory, a little town at the top of the East Coast, lovely.

Next day was spent travelling around the North of Mull, stopping off at Glengorm, Dervaig and Calgary, the bay there was beautiful. Drove down the north west coast to the see the outstanding scenery, looking over to the Isle of Ulva. Further down the coast to Killiemor bay where there are known to be sapphires in the loch. Because of the time of year it is , the Ben More mountain range looked amazing with all the colours of autumn coming through from the mist.

The third day was spent going on a long morning walk through the Aros park, very mysterious forest with many waterfalls and a loch in the middle. Drove down all the east coast past Craignure to a place at the south of Mull called Kinlochspelve and Lochbuie which look out to Loch Spelve. I remember feeling like I had been there before.The vast space along the coast with the hidden lodges in the forest and the rocky cliff sides at the end of the road.

Followed roads to see standing stone monuments and stones circles. Mysterious and reminds you of the past Celtic traditions that are connected so spiritually to the land. Back on the road and had to stop at one of many passing places that looked out onto the large lochs and vast land expanses.The beaches further down the south of Mull are very textured and full of wild colours looking out onto Iona.

We got the ferry to Iona, as soon as you arrive on the Island you feel a sense of tranquility and calmness, eerie but amazing silence. That is exactly the sense of feeling I want to put across in my work, to capture the real sense of feeling of these places.

We stayed at the North end of the Island looking out to Lunga and Staffa with the beautiful white sands of the beaches before us.

Clear waters, white sands and a spiritual awakening with this place. I love being in the wild, small islands, nature and this place has it all. Had a walk to the beaches on the North of the island, walked further into the main part of Iona and the beaches along the coast and then the rocky sands at the west, looking out to other small isles capturing the real sense of mystery of Islands.

Here are some of the many photographs I took while exploring the beautiful Island of Mull and Iona.




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