The First of many Road Trips

As part of my Artistic practise, my work is based around the idea of ‘Spirit of Places’ and ‘Traces of the Land’.

I travel out to remote, wild and sublime places to gain inspiration, document them and get as many photographs and drawings as possible from the unique vast lands.

I have always been drawn to unique and interesting places for a long time and have a gained a lot of inspiration from these places. I regularly travel around the Coast of Scotland, the North West, and the Islands.In my work I contextualize by putting across the feeling of the spirit of the place, how it affects me and the traces of the land that most people do not notice. I am very interested in the feeling of the ‘sublime’ and ‘genius loci’ and feel that within these certain natural places there is a feeling of powerful atmosphere. I want to put across this same feeling to the viewer with them also being overwhelmed and enveloped by the work which I felt at that space in time.

The first of my Road Trips in the Summer of 2012 I went Island Hopping around the North West Coast Of Scotland. As Scotland is my native land, I find it is the most important thing to get out and explore your land as much as possible. Scotland has some of the most amazing landscapes and Islands in the world and being able to capture the true essence and atmosphere of the overwhelming mountains, lochs and Islands is amazing.

We started off from Oban, travelled the furthest out the beautiful tiny Island of Barra, onto South Uist, travelled up to North Uist, onto the Isle of Skye, over to the Isle of Harris where we stayed on the connecting Isle of Scalpay, travelled onwards to the Isle of Lewis and then headed back onto the mainland where I caught the last of my ferries from this trip to Ullapool. These photos document my time spent travelling around each of the unique and wondrous Islands.

ImageImageImageImageImage      Image


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