Third Year Art School round up.

Semester 2 and the whole of third year is finished!

So happy with the results and feedback from the overall semester, I got an A3. The hard work paid off!

I finished off my third year by constantly trying to find inspirations and pushing my ideas behind my landscape work as far as I can go. I visited some raw desolate places that are beautiful including Kinloch Rannoch. the Sidlaws, many road trips here and there and of course the best one of them all; Iceland!

I continued to build up my research in film and digital photography, lithography, lithography on wood and photo litho building up as many textures and mark making as possible, large wood boards drawn and scored back into and also large scale panoramic drawing/ paintings abstracting the landscape and loosening the horizon. My meanings behind my work are to do with ‘traces of the land’ and the ‘spirit of places.’

I wanted to convey this as much as possible in my work so travelling to places that have a sense of ‘genius loci’ about them and are purely desolate, untouched by mans modern presence gave me the inspiration for my photographic work and the feelings in which I worked with in my large scale pieces.

I am going to continue with these meanings and work more with layering, textures, printmaking and combining my photography with my work as much as possible!



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