Third Year Art School

As part of my time spent in Third Year at Art School I studied in the module titled, ‘Undiscovered Landscape’, along with this module the rest of this year I was given the time and space to allow my work to develop, focus on a clear theme/ meaning and adopt my artistic style which I have now.

The ‘Undiscovered Landscape’ module was perfect for my type of work. As my art is based around the atmospheres and traces of wild and remote places, it meant the whole project was catered to finding your own version of the landscapes and researching the meanings and history behind some of the most well known and (not so well known ) landscapes around Scotland.

Within third year i focused on developing my images from my time spent in the Outer Hebrides, working in my artist books, developing and practising my skills in printmaking, and bringing a clear and direct purpose to the work that I made.

For the Undiscovered module I focused on the lines, textures and patterns of the landscape, in which I put this across in printmaking, Lithography, stone litho and monoprinting.

And so adding to this towards the ends of Third Year I achieved:

My studio practise based on, ‘The raw landscape contrasted with man made materials’ became a great project. Using my primary source of photographs from the Outer Hebrides, Mull and Iona, I finished 3 long narrow drawing/paintings, dark and really capture the feeling of these islands. I also developed my artist books with drawings, experiments with texture tone and collating images and finished a large canvas which was intended for my focus on texture. I used PVA with sand, earth and twigs to attach to the canvas and then painted over. I have a very broad range of work for this project and I really enjoyed working with the landscape which I know is my main inspiration for all my artist projects now. It is very strong, full of energy and really expresses the emotion and mystery behind these places.

Secondly, my work for the Module, ‘ The Undiscovered Landscape’ was strong. I concentrated on printmaking for this, mainly lithography. My theme for this project was the line, textures and patterns of the landscape. I chose to do large scale prints of up close details of the landscape, photo litho and lithography on wood boards, this process worked well as I was able to score back into the board which showed other lines in the print building up the layers of the patterns.

I am looking to expand my work in drawing, printmaking and photography and combine it all together to make pieces that are of importance and have layers to them, instead of just having separate pieces! Also adding texture!


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