The Bothy Project, Artist In Residence

So last month I was accepted to be Artist In Residence at the Bothy Project. The Bothy is an off grid studio based in the Inshriach Forest, surrounded by the Cairngorm Mountain Range. It is an ideal place for me, surrounded by nature, no electricity just solar panels, no heating just a gas stove and no modern day distractions apart from your thoughts, contemplation and the art work you make.

My residency was from the 25th to 31st of January and it was absolutely incredible. it allowed me the time and space to let my mind slow down, my thoughts about my artwork and what was important to flourish and endless inspiration from the forest that surrounded me. Any artist that wants to take some time away from modern civilisation, the pollution of media and who is inspired by landscapes I would suggest you go here. Within the short space of a week I was completely used to the basic way of life and ended up dreading the thought of going back to society at the end of it.

I was able to wake up every morning, build a fire and walk around the forest surrounded by the mountains, such a unique and back to basics experience. If you want to read my article published on my time spent at the Bothy here’s a link to their website.

I describe my ongoing thought process throughout my time spent as Artist in residence and exactly what I accomplished at the end of the week. Also have a read if your thinking of applying as their website is full of information on the Bothy’s whereabouts and residency opportunities.

Long live wild, remote and sublime places!

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