Semester 2 Progress!

So my final Semester of Art School is coming quickly to a close and the Duncan of Jordanstone Degree Show is in close sight.

Here’s what I’ve currently been working on leading up to the show, progress, printmaking, photography, drawing, painting, framing and bringing it all together.


Lithography Printmaking.

I’ve been developing my techniques in printmaking since second year at Art School and for the Degree Show I am pushing my ideas behind the ‘Traces of the Land’ as far as I can go, developing my way of working and trying out new ideas to pull together to make the overall print. Within this I have used 5 photographs from my time spent travelling around Iceland, close up images of the textures and land forms for a set of photo lithographs. Then I have worked into these prints so they are simply not just photographs, using plates with my own marks and layering the photo plates to make an overall energetic and bold print.

This process has worked extremely well in highlighting the textures and marks of the land by using muted colours and layers. Secondly, I have also been drawing straight onto plates; fluid marks and layering these over each other too.


Painting/ Drawing.

I have been finalising my large scale canvas, layering, mark making and bringing it up to the same standard as the prints. The whole idea behind my work is the marks of the land that people do not necessarily notice and how the unforgiving elements affect the land so I wanted to put the same feel and mark making across in my large scale work too. I have realised through this development in my work throughout fourth year that my lines and drawings work much better this way; more bold and energetic to mimic the same familiar way in which these remote places I am taking inspiration from embody.

I have also been finishing off my set of three drawings from my time spent as Artist in Residence at the BothyProject,

These drawings have allowed me to work outside and get marks that have been completely accidental which have worked better in highlighting the abstracted elements of the landscape.



I have been bringing all my photographic collections together from my time spent travelling around the remote parts of Scotland and Iceland in a way that captures the true intensity and textures of these places. These images are very important as the basis for my Degree  Show as they have inspired my work and memory of the atmospheric lands. I have been working on textured and expressive artist books which show the photographs and drawings together so the viewers can feel my memory from the places through the work. Adding to this, I have made an Artist Box which allows all my documentary writings and drawings captured from my time spent exploring to come together and to express where I have had the ideas and thought process for my large scale drawings and prints.

Altogether my work has been moving in the right direction, bringing the different ways in which I work together to create the overall meaning for my Degree Show, the best way to reflect my draw to remote landscapes and how it differs from a general type of landscape Art.

Here are some photos of my progress leading up to the Degree Show which opens on the 16th of May for a week at Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art & Design, Dundee Scotland.

2 3 17 11 16 17 44 117 122 134 137





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