Next Island Road Trip




So I have graduated with my Honours in Fine Art and now I have a lot of travelling and Artist Residencies to attend to over the Summer.

First stop is my trip around the Islands of Scotland. I embark on this Journey tomorrow and I cannot wait to just get back up North to the Mountains, my favourite place, the real Highland Scotland.

First stop is Shetland for a few days, then Orkney; afterwards we have a few days where I will be going to Coll, Tiree, Islay and any other Islands I have time for in between. The end of Journey has to go out with a bang so we have booked to go out to St Kilda for the day. This has been on my bucket list for a long time now, it is so difficult to get to, definitely the most remote of all the Scottish Islands but it is perfect for me and my work in which I will put across the lonely but sublime atmosphere of the place!

Being on the road and travelling around remote Scotland is my favourite thing to do, I’ve lost count of how many times I have travelled around but my challenge is to visit every Island in Scotland, hopefully will be achieved by next year. If anyone has any recommendations of where to go see on the Islands I have mentioned or just in general please let me know!   Expect lots and lots of blog posts and photos when I’m back in 2 weeks time!

The Mountains are calling I must go.


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