Artists Northern Isles Expedition

So I have been asked to be Artist in Residence on board an expedition sailing around the Northern Isles of Scotland this July for the month. It is with the Clipperton Project who run huge expeditions all around the world to remote places and to generate attention.
As my work is primarily based on remote landscapes and part of rural hard to reach Scotland I am so excited to be part of the team. I am going to be able to generate lots and lots of new work from my time spent aboard the boat sailing around the remote Northern Isles.
I am raising some funds for me to be able to go on the trip and top produce a substantial body of work when I am out there so this is where you guys come in.

If anyone is able to contribute a small or large amount and back my funding please help me by clicking on the Kickstarter link at the top, reading more about my project and backing me! In return for backing me you will receive an original piece of artwork made on board my residency!

Thank you all, feel free to speak the word!


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