Artist Expedition to the Northern Isles with the Clipperton Project

So I’m very happy to announce that my kickstarter project for my Artist’s Expedition to the Northern Isles with the Clipperton Project was fully funded with 29 backers and raising a brilliant 1,057. Thank you to all who backed the project, any art work/ prints and photographs will be made on board the expedition and then depending on what the backer pledged, will receive the work by September!

Anyway, I have just arrived in Shetland, met the Clipperton Project Crew and have just started my months Artist Residency around the Northern Isles with them bound around all the smaller remote Islands. I am so thrilled to be a part of this project knowing that not only I will gain a lot from this experience, but my art work will also in a new way.
The aim of the Journey is to focus on sustainable living, highlight small remote communities and how they are affected in these areas, show the vast and dominant presence of the landscapes that many people never get to see and also document my journey and voyage through these places!

I am going to have limited service on the boat and around the Islands for the next month so I am going to wait until I am back in August to do proper blog posts detailing my time and work made!

So until then to follow my day to day progress follow me on instagram, ellisoconnor or twitter, @ellisoconnor1


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