RSA John Kinross Scholarship to Florence

So the third big trip of the Summer was the all important Royal Scottish Academy John Kinross Scholarship to Florence. I was, and still am very happy to have been able to receive the chance to go out to Florence to spend time and work there amongst the 9 other graduates who got the award from Scotland. I ventured out to Florence from August until the end of September and had the best time in the most beautiful city.

I set off with a goal of wanting to see as much as possible within Florence and the surrounding areas.
As my Scholarship was funded by the RSA, it was a way of me being able to live and make work whilst out there. As my work is based on ‘places’ and the atmosphere of certain places, it really interested me how my work was going to flourish and change in a brand new setting that I was’t used to. Throughout my time in Florence, I explored, ventured to all of the places I wanted to see, Churches, chapels, all the galleries, hidden little alleyways where there are ancient frescoes all over the old walls, hidden studios, gardens, trips to Lucca, Sienna, Venice, Cinque Terre and so much more! I also studied at the Il Bisonte International School of Specialization in Printmaking where I learned how to do traditional etching.
And so I built up a lot of drawings, that I am going to be making larger work from, experimented a lot more with colour, took a lot of film photographs, made artist books and made a new body of etching prints based on my time spent out there.
I will be writing another blog soon with details on the places I explored and a list of recommendations of arty and off the beaten path places to see.

In the meantime here’s some images of my work that I made out there!

2014-09-24 12.30.41












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