Fljotstunga Artist in Residence, Iceland

So this month from the 2nd to the 16th of November I was chosen to be Artist in Residence at the Fljotstunga Farm in Iceland. Very remote, in the middle of a 1100 year old lava field, surrounded by the 4th largest glacier in the world, insanely huge mountains, artist huts and over a 1 hour drive from any town. Yes it was that perfect for me!

I flew out to Reykjavik on the 2nd of November and then made the long journey up to Rekyholt North West Iceland on the 3rd and was met with Lilian and Halldor, the lovely welcoming couple who own the farm and the amazing Artist in Residence Programme. For just over 12 days I was able to roam around the huge expanse of land, be surrounded by huge glaciers and old volcanic lava caves, whilst drawing on site and being completely at one with the land and the silence around me.
Being able to be Artist in Residence out in the middle of wild Iceland where the land is extreme, barren yet beautiful was something I will never forget. It was absolutely perfect for me and my practise and it is an experience I will look back on as shaping some of my most recent work. Our studio overlooked the whole 1100 year old lava fields and the high peaks of the mountains in the distance. The colours of autumn were striking and we saw no snow even though it dropped to around -10. 4 nights in a row I was lucky enough to see the wonder of the spectacular Aurora Borealis. Never before in my life have I saw the Northern Lights and it’s been something at the top of my bucket list for a very long time. I can’t describe how beautiful it was, but I’ll always remember the quick and bright dancing of the light across the winter sky forever.

Overall, this eco friendly Residency Programme has to be one of the best I’ve ever had the pleasure of being chosen for. We saw lava fields, we bathed in remote hot pools in the middle of a quiet landscape, we ventured out to hot springs, waterfalls and in general saw Iceland for what it really is. Alive and wild! These are the places I’m the most attracted to, land that makes you know it is in charge, to really see how it is shaped, the tectonic places and the extreme yet beautiful untame quality of it all. Iceland is amazing and I got so much new work and inspiration just from this 2 week period out there. I will definitely be back.
To read about the Residency Programme take a look at the Fljotstunga Wesbite!http://www.fljotstunga.is/
In the meantime here are some photographs of my time out there.

Will be uploading more posts with work made out there and a new series of film I am currently developing from my time out here in this amazing place!

























IMG_5352 (6)

IMG_5355 (9)


IMG_5367 (21)



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