Arctic Circle Expedition 2016 & Press

I had very good news recently. I have been selected for the notoriously amazing Arctic Circle Expedition to Svalbard in 2016. The Arctic Circle is a global organisation who every year host a month long expedition around the remote arctic Archipelago of Svalbard, the island closest to the North Pole with a worldwide chosen group of Artists and Scientists.

I’m extremely happy to have been selected for this artist residency programme and still in disbelief that I will finally be able to go to and spend a lot of time in one of the most remote and wild places that truly still exist on our planet. I will spend the time on board a boat that will be sailing around this overwhelming place with fellow artists and scientists.

The expedition will not take place until 2016 but I have a lot of planning ahead for this very very exciting journey!

Head on over to their website to find out more about their amazing programme and organisation!

Because of this, I was contacted by STV News who filmed me in my studio talking about my art practise and upcoming trip to Svalbard. To watch it just click on this link and it’s roughly about 13:30 into the video!

I also was featured on Dundee University’s Page today with the full press release on my trip!


Onwards and upwards, lots of exciting things happening and I have to just keep working hard and doing what I love to keep making it happen!



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