Skagaströnd – my new home in Iceland!

So the venture has begun, after flying up to Iceland last night on Thursday night, staying over in Reykjavik and then a 4 hour bus journey right up to the north yesterday, I am finally here in Skagaströnd surrounded by snowy mountains and right on the arctic sea. My new home for the first half of my 5 month long Icelandic adventure. From now until the 30th of November I’m one of the current artists in residence with and then I will move on to Ólafsfjörður where I will be taking part in the award until the 1st of March. I’m so excited to be here and immerse myself in the culture, the mountains and the inspiration that I’m receiving in abundance.

Here’s a photo of the town I’m currently based in courtesy of Nes and I’ll be blogging and posting more of my own photos regularly of my current work I’m making in residence, my travels around Iceland and my day to day visual inspiration!



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