Weeks 2 and 3 of my Icelandic Venture.

The past two weeks have gone by very very quickly with the wild North Icelandic coast bringing snow with it!

It’s been a great couple of weeks settling straight into the town and slow paced lifestyle of being in Skagastrond. I’ve been going on long mountain walks into the valley as much as I possibly can before the weather turns and heads straight into winter. Because of all the walks and inspiration I’m gaining from the surroundings of this beautiful artist residency, I’ve been working on a new series of drawings immersing myself completely in the place, the textures and atmospheric presence of the cold harsh elements.

After just settling into the residency, I was off again back to the big (compared to the size of town that I’m in at the moment) city of Reykjavik where I was speaking at the 2015 Arctic Circle Conference. The conference was on from the 16th to the 18th of October and covered fully what was exactly happening in the Arctic and addressing key issues from significant spokespeople like the President of Iceland, the Faroe Islands and a wealthy array of global warming scientists and researchers. It was very inspiring to be listening to these talks and engaging with such an important issue that we are all facing in our world. I spoke as part of Lateral North as a visual artist and how my work shows the impact of global warming in the remote northern parts of our world and connecting Scotland to the Arctic. We received great feedback and overall got a great turn out for our presentations.

It was then onto an epic road trip to the Highlands of Iceland with a fellow resident artist from Nes. We drove right into the Highlands and went for a place called Kerlingarfjöll. We spent the day hiking through this wild part of the country and found a natural geothermal hot pot right in the middle of the white mountainous valley where we proceeded to swim and chill out in the midst of the mountains, Iceland is incredible and it’s so wonderful being able to bathe in hot natural water whilst the snows falls around you.

It was then back up to our town of Skagastrond and back to the studio for us after such a busy productive week of conferences, road trips and exploring Iceland! These past few days have brought snow very quickly and I’ve been told that this is the beginning of the Icelandic winter, it came very quick with blizzards and high winds from the surrounding mountains dropping below zero already! It’s such a beautiful time with the bright sunsets illuminating the white mountains around us and I’m finding myself feeling more and more inspired each day!

Here’s a few photos of the past two weeks here, now time to get on with the fourth week!


IMG_0454 IMG_0640 IMG_0647 IMG_0689 IMG_0700

IMG_0459 IMG_0619 IMG_0652 IMG_0656 IMG_0673 IMG_0684






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