Week 4

It has been a short and sweet week to finish off the first month of my residency here in Skagastrond. Next month brings changes, new artists a further familiarity with this place. There will be a lot of artists leaving here and only 4 of us who will stay on into the month of November!

The week has been beautiful here in the North, the snow stayed and brought with it after the epic blizzards clear blue and crisp skies with no wind. This for me meant only one thing: Hiking into the mountain valleys and making the most of the beautiful weather and clear surroundings before it changes dramatically into the wild winter period that Iceland is so famous for.

On Monday we started off early awakening to a bright horizon, the sun shining on the starkness of the white epic mountains. We walked all the way into the valley with the height of the mountains surroundings us. To clear our heads, to calm our minds and most importantly to feel refreshed and gain lots of inspiration for the long studio days ahead. The rivers had started to freeze and the translucent patterns of these and the icy forms in the valley where you are far from any civilization is a feeling that stays long with you after you return from the hike.

With the short yet clear days come the inspiring sunsets at night, lighting everything up in its wake and colouring the white high mountains in a bright pink haze. This time of day in Iceland is my favourite, the small town is cast completely in a stark glow illuminating the buildings and casting long shadows on the mountains and sea that surround us here in the far North.

I’ve spent the rest of the week here ambling around the town making the most of the bright yet short days, collaborating with fellow artists, working late in the studio with my drawings and having the time to spend experimenting with new ways of working and painting. I’ve recently just updated my website with new work that i have made since my time as artist in residence started, you can find the folder here: Iceland work

Here is what the current landscape around the town looks like also, have a great weekend!

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