Week 15

It’s been a busy and beautiful week here in Ólafsfjörður!

We have all been busy at Listhus Art Space working towards our Skammdegi Group Exhibition in Akureyri! The weather has been surprisingly clear and it’s getting lighter and lighter every day so there has been many opportunities this week to get out and explore the surrounding area which I’ve taken full advantage of!

I have also been busy this week filming the surrounding area and the changes in the landscape, along with some clips for a kickstarter film I am going to start putting together for my upcoming Arctic Circle fundraising campaign. You will here a lot more about this in the upcoming weeks!

Anyway, the main event of the week was our group show in Akureyri. It opened on Saturday in the wonderful gallery space of Salur Myndlistarfélagsins, which is right in the centre of Akureyri here in the North of Iceland.

The show was a preview of what all of us multi disciplinary artists have been working on so far during our 3 month long artist residency with Listhus Art Space and also a preview of work to follow in the annual Skammdegi Festival which begins on the 28th of January and runs until the 28th of February. All of the work in our show ranged from visual painting and photography, to performance, to design and also musical performances in the evening. We had a great response to the work and the space which overall is a great indicator of how our work will be received in the festival. It is overall a culmination of our responses to living and working throughout the dark winter in Iceland and how we have been inspired by the landscape and our unique surroundings, the culture, people and the environment.  Our show in Akureyri continues until the coming Saturday (23rd). 

I’ve attached a few images of my work in the show, a series of three mixed medium paintings all inspired by the glacier patterns and fragility of the land around us here right on the edge of the Arctic Circle. There is also a few ones of my walks around the town this week, the light, the crisp cold, the sharpness of the sky meeting the ridges of the high dominating mountains and the brightness of the environment around us!

Hope you enjoy and I’ll check back in next week with another post!

IMG_5665 - CopyIMG_5667 - CopyIMG_5668 - CopyIMG_5669 - CopyIMG_5708 - CopyIMG_5731 - CopyIMG_5732 - CopyIMG_5734 - CopyIMG_5737 - CopyIMG_5740 - CopyIMG_5742 - CopyIMG_5745 - CopyIMG_5754 - CopyIMG_5756 - CopyIMG_5757 - CopyIMG_5762




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