Week 18

This week has been another busy one!

I launched my campaign to get me to Svalbard with the Arctic Circle Organisation! You can check it out here, Reaching the pole. I have already had just over £1000 funded of the project in a week and have 5 weeks left so I´m hoping I can reach my target, thanks to all of the wonderful investors who have funded my project so far!

I have also been featured in a few publications this week, two Icelandic magazines and one Scottish one based in Aberdeen. The Scottish Independent Magazine ´Mica´ recently interviewed me about my current art practise, my influences, my ongoing project in Iceland and my upcoming expedition to Svalbard. You can read my full interview with them on the online publication of the mag, pages 67 to 75! Mica Magazine.

Also the other two editorials my work has been featured in this week is the Iceland Review and the Icelandic Times. Thanks again guys for the wonderful opportunities!

Other than that it´s been a week of full on studio days, braving the blizzards and a storm that has recently hit the whole of Iceland and finishing work for my upcoming solo show ´Tracing the Land´in Mjólkurbúðin Gallery, Akureyri opening on Saturday the 13th of February from 2 until 5pm and also on Sunday the 14th with the same opening times. I´m looking forward to showing all of my new work made here in the far north of Iceland to a larger audience and collating all of it together to show my response to working here through the dark winter.

This week will be a continuation of the work I´m finishing for my show and hopefully the weather will calm down a bit so I can do my usual routine of hiking, documenting and recording.

Speak soon!



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