Week 19

The past week was building up to my first solo exhibition in Iceland,´Tracing the Land´ at Mjolkurbudin Gallery in Akureyri.

I spent the week finishing of my new work produced here in Olafsfjordur. All of the new paintings and drawings in my show were a reflection of my experience living in the far north through the dark winter and also my response to the shifting landscapes of this otherworldly place. It happened that there was 3 other gallery openings at the same time as mine in Akureyri so it was a really bustling and busy atmosphere full of artists and creative types in this beautiful city in the North. I had a great reception from visitors and people were really intrigued to find out how my work had changed and developed since moving to Iceland and how I found living without the sun for 2 months! It was a great weekend in Akureyri and I received a lot of positive feedback on my quick solo show. Thanks again to Dagrun for the opportunity!

I have to say, that realising it´s now been 4 and a half months since moving to Iceland, it has flown in. As much as I am looking forward to seeing family and friends at home and as much as I miss my wonderful home country of Scotland, I am really not looking forward to leaving this place. I have become completely attached to Iceland, the culture, the people and how they are so proud of their roots and history, the way of life and of course the constant amazement at the surroundings and environment around me with the battling against the elements and powerful atmosphere of living right on the edge of the Arctic Sea. I have became very accustomed to this place and the way of life, I can even say I’ve survived through a dark winter in the north of Iceland and absolutely loved it, even though the locals say that it´s been quite a calm winter so far haha!

The way that Icelanders treat nature and respect the land is very refreshing, the way that they make use of the natural wonders of the earth and not damage it is another factor that I love about the locals here. In times where many people are far removed from nature and have no idea of what is important in saving in the natural world, Iceland certainly proves that the people are inferior of the landscape, it completely dominates you here and you have to respect the dangerous beauty of it, in turn not destroying it.

Anyway, enough dwelling on this and to enjoy being here! I have just under 2 weeks left in my current town of Olafsfjordur and then I leave to go back to Reykjavik for a few days before flying back to Scotland on the 1st of March where many exciting and creative projects await me! Now it´s time to make the most of my time in this incredible country while I can and stop thinking about how quick these 5 months have went by. It´s certainly an experience and place that will stay with me forever and I know it´s a place very easily accessed from Scotland and one I am definitely thinking of moving to permanently for a longer period of time in the near future. I have changed since living in Iceland and my ideas have certainly grown and developed since being here, it´s almost been like an retreat living here and I go back feeling refreshed because of it.

Now here´s some photos from my solo show this past weekend, enjoy! To view the full portfolio head on over to my website at Tracing the Land.



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