Outlander Commissioned Project

I was excited to be invited from Visit Scotland and the wonderful team at Amazon Video UK to be a part of the project to document some of the most well known filming locations in Scotland for the upcoming release of series 2 of Outlander!

We spent the week touring around the various locations in Scotland and I was responsible for capturing these historic places whilst promoting them through the power of social media.

Of the many places we ventured to, a lot were local to me in the area of Fife and Perthshire of Scotland.

We started off heading to Falkland where we explored the quaint town that was used as the scenes from Inverness in season 1 of Outlander, Falkland Palace and the incredible grounds which surround the well preserved building. Then it was onto to a few more impressive castles in the Fife area, followed by Courses for Cooks and staying in the Old Manor Hotel in Leven looking out over the water. The next day we headed straight for the beautiful town of Anstruther, we were able to climb aboard the infamous boat,then it was onto the Fisheries Museum, Culross Tavern, Culross Palace Tour and Herb Garden, Deanston Whisky Distillery and then stayed in the Dunblane Hydro.

The last day was spent exploring Doune Castle which was used in the series as Castle Leoch and Duncarron Medieval Village where we got to dress up in the attire from the 17th century whilst getting to wander around the fort and enjoy a meal with the Clanranald Team. To find out more about what these guys do head on over to their website at Duncarron.

Here are some of my images that showcase some of the key filming locations used in Outlander in some of the most impressive areas of Scotland! Hope you enjoy and if you have never watched Outlander I urge you to do so, it’s one of the most epic, slightly addictive and beautiful series ever made. I’m biased though as it’s all filmed in the most amazing country, Scotland of course!

Season 2 of Outlander went live on the 10th of April and has so far released 3 episodes on Amazon Prime. They release a new episode every Sunday morning. You can also catch up on Season 1 if you have never watched it on Amazon Prime where the full season is there ready to stream.

It was an absolute pleasure getting to work on the press trip with Amazon Video UK at Amazon Prime and Visit Scotland whilst also getting to meet Susan Brown from Eyes on Scotland who gave us some amazing facts about the places we stopped off at; so much knowledge! It was a different kind of project for me but right up my street especially being able to explore some of the most scenic parts of our country learning about the history and culture behind these iconic places! Hope you enjoy the show!




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