The Great Glen

If everyone doesn’t know this already I’m a tad obsessed with the mountains of Scotland especially in the North West region. I had some free time amongst projects and commissions in the month of April to go on a quick trip up to one of my favourite spots in Scotland; the mighty Glen Coe. It’s a place I know like the back of my hand and it’s a place I will never stop going to and exploring. Each time I visit I see something new in the landscape, the light dramatically changes each hour or so and the mountains still give me that familiar feeling of overwhelming awe.

I’ll just let the place and the photographs I captured whilst there speak for themselves. If you have ever never been to Glen Coe I urge you to visit. You can drive there, park up in the area and go on a massive hike, escape the crowds and get right into the mountains, there are so many trails that take you right into the wild valleys where you don’t see anyone for a long time, that’s the best way to do it in my opinion!

If you want to view my full photographic portfolio and other work please head on over to my website at: Ellis O’Connor.





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