June & July Updates

It’s been a bit of a whirlwind once again with many new inspirations, a few trips here and there and some more work being produced in my studio.

After the hectic month of May it was incredible being able to be in my studio and get some more work done focusing on new ideas and developing other work. Towards the end of June I took a trip over to the beautiful Island of Barra where I’ve been once before but never got to spend as much time there. I spent a week on the Island seeing as much as possible, drawing outside when weather permitted, climbed Heaval (the highest point on Barra) and even got a trip over to Eriskay.


It was then onto a second trip at the start of July with my good friend Sam who was heading up to Achmelvich for a week. I couldn’t say no to this of course so off we went in her home on wheels and we spent the time we had there volunteering with the Little Assynt Tree Nursery learning about working with the land, walking, making more work and spending time in one of the most inspiring places in Scotland; Assynt. The mountains here rise up out of nowhere and the North West Geo Park is incredible. I’ve definitely gained a lot of new found inspiration from this trip.


Anyway you might not here from me for a while as tomorrow I’m heading off to the West once again, this time to my favourite Scottish Island; The Isle of Eigg of course. I’ve wanted to volunteer with the Eigg Heritage Trust for a long time and I’m so excited at the prospect of living on Eigg for 6 whole weeks!

Even though my art career has been flourishing and I’ve been able to go freelance and work on so many amazing projects, I thought it would still be a good idea to take a some time away from my studio for a while, slow down a bit and learn some land skills! I’m very keen to learn as much as possible about growing veg, working crofts and building work and that is exactly what I’ll get to do on Eigg. It’s the right time for me to do this, plus I’ve even packed all of my art materials and mounds of paper to take with me as no doubt I’ll have lots of time to wander around and there will be plenty of inspiration for me to work from. And so even though I’m going to volunteer and take time away from the studio, I’ll definitely still be working away on ideas when I can on Eigg.

Till next time everyone! I’ll get back from the magical Island at the end of August with lots of updates and then it’s onto Svalbard next. Time sure does fly!


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