New work from Svalbard & Shetland

Just a quick update to let you all know that I’ve recently just updated my website with all of my new drawings from not only Svalbard but Shetland too! Along with this I’ve added a few of these works to my online shop where you can buy directly from!

I’ll be in the process in the next few days of adding more to the shop!


It’s lovely to share this work with you all and to get it out there as these past two months have been a bit of a whirlwind where I’ve created so much work in such a short space of time. From being on a boat sailing around the High Arctic creating work under freezing conditions on the deck watching icebergs float by to working in a lighthouse for a month in Shetland atop high cliffs with the thundering of the sea around me! Two completely different places, very different landscapes, very different inspirations, both unique yet a space where the inspiration was high in abundance, everywhere around me, unique geology and so much time and space to create! Both very immersive and productive experiences where I have been able to focus solely on my work and develop my practise and key ideas.


And so I’m delighted to share all of my new work with you, I’ll also be getting some works organised for exhibitions in 2017 and then making larger work from these ones!

I’ll share a few here with you all but if you’d like to view the rest head on over to my website. Thanks all for reading my blog, any questions regarding works just send me over an email at Lastly, if you would like to see a selection of my work in person, I currently have a solo exhibition on at the John Muir Trust Wild Space in Pitlochry until February 2017. My exhibition is titled ‘Transience’ and is my response through drawing and printmaking to the unique landscapes in the North including ones from my time spent in Scotland, Iceland and Svalbard. You can find more information on the space here.




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