Shifting Land – New works made on Eigg.

As part of my two month long spell on the Island of Eigg, I have produced a new series of paintings and drawings, all 30 x 42cm. All work is made in response to the ever shifting colour, geology and landscape found on the unique Island.

These new works form a new way of looking at the landscape, built up of washes, textures and varied colours, I aim to convey the overwhelming presence of the land, the powerful elements that constantly shift over the horizon and the way in which the landscape is in constant motion.

You can also find more of the detailed images of the individual work over here on my website. If you have enquiries about the work or would like to purchase any of the individual pieces, please email me at ellisoconnor@hotmail.co.uk. All work is original and has been made directly on site here on the stunning western Isle.

Lastly, as it’s my last week here on Eigg, I’ll be publishing a huge blog post in a few days talking about my experience on the Island, my upcoming projects and in general just checking in as it’s been over 2 months since my last post!




Isle of Barra and outdoor studios.

I spent a week on the incredible Isle of Barra for a week at the end of  June. Even though I’m currently located on the Isle of Eigg, I thought I would share some photographs with you all from my trip on Barra while I have the chance and some of the work I made whilst I was out there. I spent the week seeing as much as possible on the Island, walking around all of the various areas of natural interest, climbed Heaval, (which is the highest point on Barra) produced some new drawings whilst outside in the midst of the inspiring landscape and even got a day trip over to the neighbouring Island of Eriskay. I could tell you all of the exact places I ventured to and the geological interest they have but I think I’ll just let the pictures do the talking for now! Where are you favourite Islands in Scotland and what are your go to places for creative inspiration?


I’ve noticed recently within my work that I don’t necessarily need to have a ‘studio’ in an exact place, a room in which I go to, to produce my work. All I’ve been inspired by recently is being able to go out in the various landscapes we have here in Scotland and set up my studio outside in the midst of it all. It’s a wonderful thing being able to set up a studio space outside, just you, the mediums, the paper and the natural wonders around you. And before anyone asks, no it is not ‘sketching’ I’m doing, I’m making work, just because I am working and documenting what I see outdoors does not make it any less significant if I was producing the final piece in my actual studio indoors. Sorry that went on a little bit, but what I’m trying to say and what the most important thing to me in my artwork is finding primary inspiration and working straight from it and of course take advantage of the inspiring places we have around us to fuel and enrich my practise!


Anyway, here are some photos from my time on Barra last month! I hope you like them and feel free to follow along on my adventures through my social media platforms at:




Thanks again for reading my blog!




Isle of Skye Road Trip, March 2014

So this March I embarked on another spontaneous road trip to the Isle of Skye. Skye is one of my favourite Islands in Scotland, it combines beautiful scenery, natural wonders, friendly people and amazing landscapes. We travelled out here, stopping every now and then on the road up to the North West, also driving back home through Glen Coe and Kinloch Rannoch. Safe to say I completely made the most of seeing as much as I could this trip.

Here are some photographs from my time spent here, mainly of the Cuillin from the Fairy Pools.

The next blog will be a more in depth look at my itinerary for Skye.

4 6 7 Happy place

Next trip

Heading here this coming weekend.

The Isle of Skye, my favourite place in the whole of Scotland. Have visited and explored a few times before but if anyone has any more suggestions and some off the beaten track adventures, let me know, would love to make the most of it.

Full blog on what I get up to coming next week when I return.

Also I’ll be living in a Wig Wam with http://www.wigwamholidays.com/Glasnakille_Wigwams how cool is that?