May: Artist in Residence with Leveld Art Centre, Norway & New Work

So for the month of May I was Artist in Residence at Leveld in Norway, a small village in the Ål municipality, Hallingdal home to 300 inhabitants about 700 m above sea level. Another remote mountainous location: perfect once again for me. I feel like I’ve done just about every remote artist in residence programme that there ever has been!


I spent the 4 weeks mainly based at the Leveld Art Centre, it’s very much a residency for creatives to go to and be immersed in the village and location without any distractions. There’s not even a shop in the village so it really is about going there to get headspace, think about your ideas and work to develop on a project that needs time and space.

I’ve realised through close inspection and really challenging how I think about my work and how I intend for it to develop that there is very much a clear style within my practise and how I respond to the landscape in which I immerse myself in. A major part of me making the art work is being surrounded in an environment that not only invigorates me in terms of remote and harsh elements, it also provides me with the right visual inspiration for me to go forward with new work. The harsh strong black lines I use convey the significant unique texture, shape and linear quality of the landscape whilst the energetic mixed medium marks are responding to the temporary elements that surround the land. It is about connecting people to this energy that exists in nature. I hope my photos of my work below show this kind of idea and give the work clarity.

And so I won’t go into detail about every piece of art work I made, instead here is some photographs that show the location of the place and some of the new works I produced within my time there! At the moment I’ve just left my post as artist in residence in Leveld and currently in Bergen where I will then depart for Shetland then back to the Scottish Mainland so that’s what to expect from my next posts!

Thanks again as always for reading and if you would like to purchase my work head on over to my online shop for small original works at online shop or you can browse my full portfolio at website.







Online auction for Iceland!!

I’m currently holding a silent online auction to raise some funding towards my 5 month long trip to Iceland. I also have these pieces which are in need of a home so I thought it would be a great idea to give them to new owners before I leave!

The auction only has a few hours left on it but it’s a good way to showcase my work that I have available! Starting bids are very reasonable and there’s just a few items left that don’t have a bid yet!

Here’s the link to the auction:Auction

Please feel free to share, happy bidding people and here’s the images of the work that I have on!

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New Studio Work

Here’s a selection of photographs of recent studio work – artist books, small paintings and prints.

I also have recently just finished an artist book titled ‘Notions of the remote’ where I have been researching into how remote and wild places make us feel. I feel that there is a direct correlation between our minds becoming clearer and calmer in places of open horizon, open spaces and wild lands. They make us feel small against the presence of the oppressive yet beautiful landscape and steady us at the same time.

I will be developing and researching this more to connect with my art practise and put this atmosphere and emotion felt within the wild places across visually in my work. More updates to follow on this one…


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Royal Scottish Academy New Contemporaries 2015

This year from the 14th March – 8th April I was selected to have my work on show with a number of other artists from Scottish Art Schools at the acclaimed Royal Scottish Academy in Edinburgh.

It gave me the chance to show old work and new, and so for the New Contemporaries Show I exhibited my large scale canvas, ‘Spirit of the mountains’ from my Degree Show and produced a new large scale drawing, ‘Glacial Mass’ 238 height x 302 width mixed medium/ charcoal drawing and also 4 new photo lithography prints; all All 104 height x 81 width inspired from my time spent in Shetland last year.

The exhibition was such an amazing experience to be a part of and I was also included in this brilliant Herald article about the show.

I was also chosen by the Fleming Collection to be a part of the ‘New Scottish Artists’ Exhibition which will be shown in Fleming Collection Gallery, London from the 12th May – 24th June.

Here’s a look at some photos of my work in the exhibition here!

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