Arctic Circle Expedition 2016


SO the big news everyone is that I have been invited among a select group of artists and scientists worldwide to participate in The Arctic Circle Residency Programme in October 2016 for three weeks around the remote and northern Archipelago of Svalbard. I found out I was selected for this unique trip back in June of last year but it´s only recently that I have started to prepare for this amazing trip and start to plan the funding side of things!

Arctic Circle Website

I couldn’t be more excited for this opportunity as not only is it a place that will deeply influence and enrich my practice, it is also a place I have wanted to venture to for a long time because of the unique landscape and impressive geological wonders. For three weeks the other residents and I will sail together on an ice class barkentine tallship exploring Svalbard, a High Arctic archipelago just ten degrees from the North Pole, creating, collaborating, observing and documenting as we go.


This residency is incredibly important to me as it is in Svalbard where the effects of progressive climate change are the most apparent and where wildlife and the sea ice is significantly under threat. It is a place of wonder yet fragility and I find it important for my practice to record the shifting of the landscapes and the effects that global warming is inflicting on the Arctic.

I aim to record, document, and build up a large body of new drawings/ paintings, prints and photographs all made on the voyage through the Arctic and all directly connected to the place and what I observe whilst on the expedition. I hope to instill love for the landscapes in people so they too can be inspired to conserve this place that is significant to our future as a whole.

Here is one of the press releases with some more information on my upcoming trip! Dundee University

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Anyway, the reason for this post is that, I NEED ALL OF YOUR HELP!

Even though I’ve been awarded this unique residency, I still must raise funds for expenses related to this expedition. I must raise £4,300 to join the residency which will cover all of the expenses on the expedition and secure my place. The remaining funding will go towards travel costs to and from Longyearben, cold weather clothing and art materials which will be used to make new work on the residency.

By supporting me on this project, not only will you be investing in me and an important expedition but you will also receive unique benefits by funding this project! Any donation from you will go a long way in realising this opportunity.

To support me and invest in this significant project please click on this link for my indiegogo campaign and watch the video!

Reaching The Pole

If you are interested in helping but unable to donate, please share this with your friends and social circles. Any additional exposure I can get is an immense help!

Thank you all so much in advance!